Universal Car Phone Holder Clip Magnetic Air Vent Bracket For All Cell Phone GPS

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This High Quality L-Shaped Car Phone Holder is made to make it easy for you to keep your phone in front of your eyes while you are driving.

This Phone Holder holds your phone conveniently and safely without any fear of your phone to fall.

It attaches to the Air-Vent of your car with a clip which is very strong fit. This is a truly one Hand operation as You just have to Stick the Stickers on your phone and then attach it to the holder securely.

This Phone Holder has a compact design and small size which will never block your line of sight for safe driving.

Its stylish make gives a plus point to the internal view of your vehicle.



Condition: New

Mounting Type: Clip / Magnetic / Grip

Mounting Location: Air Vent

Function: Car Phone Holder

Color: Black


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