Small Laser Gun 4 Packs (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green) Vest 4 Packs (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green) YF

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Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green
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1. 5 Weapon Modes: Machine gun, sub machine gun, shot gun, laser gun, single shot. You can also switch single shot & consecutive shot to fire
2. LCD Screen: Check your remaining bullets and life values anytime, add bullets in time and save strength.
3. Spray Function: When the vest is hit and loses the all health points, it will spray water mist and vibrate
4. Child Safety: Infrared signal emission 18mm. Certified safe for kids by FDA and CPSC.
5. Best Gift Ideal: That's a small price to pay for a huge grin on your kid's face! Having fun chasing each other around with the blasters and they have great features and happy memories!

1. Material: ABS
2. Gun Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
3. Shooting Range: 140 Ft
4. Suggest Age: 6
5. Batteries Not Included, Each Gun Uses 3 AA Batteries And Each Vest Uses 3 AA Batteries. (Total 24pcs Batteries Are Required. Not Included)

Gun Types
6. Single Shot: With 9 Bullets, 1 Life Gone If Got Shot;
7. Laser Gun : With 9 Bullets, 1 Life Gone If Got Shot;
8. Shot Gun : With 6 Bullets, 2 Lives Gone If Got Shot;
9. Machine Gun : With 6 Bullets, 2 Lives Gone If Got Shot.
10. Submachine Gun : With 6 Bullets,2 Lives Gone If Got Shot.

Package Included:
4 x Laser Guns
4 x Vests
4 x Water Suction Bottle
1 x Instruction Manual

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