Simple dressing table-white

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Color: white
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Color is white
The main material of the product is wood chipboard with a thickness of 1.5cm.

The product size is 75.6*47.3*78cm.
The desktop can be raised, the front baffle can be lowered, and cosmetics can be placed in the internal space.
The desktop size is 75.6*47.3cm, the desktop thickness is 1.5cm, the front baffle size is 75.6*11.4cm, and the back baffle size is 74*39.8cm.

There is a mirror on the inside of the table top, the size of the mirror is 50.2*35cm.
The internal space is divided into two parts, which are stepped, with a length of 72.4cm, a width of 29.8cm and 12.8cm, and a depth of 9.5cm and 23.8cm.

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