Simple Barber Chair--Wooden Armrest

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Specification: Wooden Armrest
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Main color: black; the color of the wooden handrail is brown.
Material: PVC leather;

Filler: high-density sponge & multilayer board;

Electroplated iron base; plastic pedals; hydraulic lifting; eucalyptus armrests.

Overall product size: 65(L)cm*89(W)cm*89-103(H)cm.
Product details size:

The height of the backrest is 51cm;
The cushion is 53cm long and 50.5cm wide;
The base is square with a side length of 50cm;
Metal pedal size: 32*8.5cm;
The thickness of the armrest sponge is 1.5cm, and the thickness of the thickest part of the cushion sponge is 7cm;
The thickness of the sponge on the front of the backrest is 6.5cm at its thickest, and the thickness of the sponge on the back of the backrest is 1cm.
product details:
1. There are 4 anti-skid pads at the bottom of the base;
2. The armrest is composed of eucalyptus + leather + sponge;
3. The load-bearing capacity is 150kg;
4. The product comes with a manual.

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