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Specification: with LCD display
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[Extra-wide sports area]This treadmill has a sufficiently wide track area, even indoors, it can provide a comfortable and realistic running experience for athletes;
[Foldable and easy to clean]The product is small in size and easy to store after folding, freeing up more effective space indoors, and also easy to clean and clean.
[Multiple modes to choose as you wish]This treadmill has three countdown modes: time countdown mode, distance countdown mode, and calorie countdown mode. You can choose the automatic mode according to your needs to enjoy the exercise;
[Multi-function LCD display]The product is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD display panel, and you can see the functions including time, distance, calories, and speed 12 kinds of automatic exercise programs in detail on the screen.
[Good home fitness partner]This treadmill can add a lot of fun to your indoor fitness life. Its mp3 audio input interface and high-fidelity audio can make you no longer boring and boring during running.

Color: black
Product size: 51.2*22.4*42.1 inches
Net weight: 55 lbs

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