58 inch barn door TV cabinet

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Size: 58 inch
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Main material: PB board.
Main color: gray pattern.

The overall size of the product: 147(L)*40(W)*60.5(H)CM.
Other product size information: The left storage compartment size is 38.5(L)*30.5(W)*47.5(H)CM;
The size of the middle storage compartment is 58(L)*30.5(W)*47.5(H)CM,
The back plate has 2 round holes, the diameter of the holes is 6CM, the height of the holes is 24.5CM, and the distance between the holes and the vertical plate on both sides is 29CM;
The storage compartment size on the right is 38.5(L)*30.5(W)*47.5(H)CM;
The size of the two sliding doors on the left and right is 40*43*1.5CM, the length of the black metal door handle is 13CM, and the size of the cross wooden bars on the door is 44*4*1.5CM;
The length of the guide rail is 138CM; the size of the 4 legs is 5*3*57.5CM; the height of the bottom plate from the ground is 5CM;
Thickness of each plate: the thickness of the top plate is 3CM, the thickness of the side plate is 3CM, and the thickness of the bottom plate is 1.5CM

Other details:
1. There are 2 rollers above the two sliding doors, which can be hung on the guide rail to push the door. The handles on the door are one on the left and one on the right. The wooden strips on the sliding door are all cross patterns;
2. The product is divided into three storage compartments on the left, middle and right, and five adjustment holes on the left and right sides. Each storage compartment is separated by a partition. The upper partition bears 20LBS and the lower bottom plate bears 40LBS;
3. The roof load-bearing capacity of the product is 240LBS;
4. The product contains a full English manual;

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