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Color: gray
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Color: gray (plastic parts are gray, others are black)

Column 30*60mm oval tube, frame 30*40mm square tube, armrest φ32mm round tube. There is a stretch knob on the left.
Motor peak power 600w, no-load initial speed power 30w, no-load maximum speed power 203w, partial aging poor power ±10% motor:
The actual horsepower is DC1.0HP (the sticker shows DC2.0HP).

Display mode: 3 inch LCD with backlight.
Dial function: time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate and other 12 programs. There are independent buttons.
There is an IPAD fixing frame, size: 15.9*1.6cm, material: ABS, position: the middle position of the display screen and the number buttons just above the dial.

Speed range: 1km/h-10km/h, 5-speed adjustment. Three grades of slope adjustment, 1 degree, 2 degree, 3 degree. Running area: 1000mm*360mm.

Folding method: manual folding.
Running belt pattern: diamond pattern, thickness: 1.4mm, structure: upper layer PVC, middle polyester mesh, bottom warp and weft yarn, running board: 12mm plywood, sports area: 1000*360mm.

Unfolded size: 1300*1160*610mm, folded size: 1270*610*700mm.
Allow user weight: 100kg.

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