2-coil QI Wireless Charging Dock Charger Stand for iPhone 8/X/8 Plus and All Qi-Enabled Phones, Silver

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Color: Metallic
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Utilizes an efficient QI 2-coil wireless charging design. The stand is designed to provide excellent stability and security.

Constructed of durable and sturdy Plastic Aluminum. Design of the charger allows the cell phone to rest at an ideal viewing angle.

2-coil design provides a broad as well as overlapping charging area for the most effective phone charging whether utilizing a vertical or horizontal position of the device being charged.

Compatible with built-in Qi-enabled devices or devices equipped with Qi-compatible wireless receivers (Wireless Receiver Not Included)

The built-USB cable is conveniently located beneath the docking stand; power is ready the moment you place your phone on the stand.


1. Please place your qi-enabled device right to the wireless charging area;
2. Please do not use metal phone cases, metal rings or cases thicker than 6 mm, it may interrupt wireless charging and overheat your phone;
3. Please use 9V/1.67A 15W and above AC adapter (included).


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